http://garagedoorsrus.co.uk/automatic-garage-doors-letchworth/ Gordon first started playing the accordion at 10 years old however his love of the instrument came before that when he sat listening to his Dad playing his two row Hohner Double Ray button accordion. 

croakily Gordon started learning on a 48 Bass Piano Accordion however after around 6 months he changed Tutor and studied under the guidance of Bob Dalrymple from Kincardine. It was at this stage that Gordon decided to move over onto the ‘C’ system 5-Row Continental Button Accordion. Bob not only encouraged Scottish Traditional music but also as Bob would say the ‘Classics’. These included pieces by Toralf Tollefsen and some of the Top French Musette players. Around the same time he joined the Fife Accordion Orchestra and this is where Gordon went on to meet top accordionist, Jimmy Martin. Jimmy was the musical director of the orchestra and Gordon has made it known over the years that he learnt a great deal from Jimmy. He was known for his great arrangements which included up to 4 accordion parts and often would write all four parts out whilst the band were playing another tune, quite a unique talent. Gordon also studied classical & traditional music under the guidance of John Dallas who was a top class musician himself.

http://awarenessmysteryvalue.org/2016/c06-exemplars-distinctively-local-schemes-of-learning/ Gordon went on to compete with this Orchestra at the UK championships which were held in Bridlington,Blackpool and Scarborough over the years and they won many accolades.

Misoprostol for sale without prescription  Gordon first came to the fore as a soloist after winning the Senior Scottish Championship at Musselburgh at the tender age of 16 and also went on to win Senior British Titles at Scarborough in the same year. At the age of 17 he recorded his first BBC Radio Scotland “Take The Floor” with the Suzanne Gray Scottish Dance Band. It wasn’t too long before Gordon was asked to appear on the show with his own Band and in 1989 BBC producer Ken Mutch invited them along to do a session for the programme.

The Band Line up on the first session was Edward Galley on 2nd Accordion,Billy O’Donnell on drums,Tom Hamilton on Fiddle, Graham Berry on keyboard and the late Stan Saunders on Double Bass. The bands popularity ensured they were one of the busiest gigging bands in country and have since went on to record various commercial and Radio Broadcasts ever since.

Gordon has always had a fondness for French Musette music and it was a great honour when the family met one of his great idols ,the legendary Eric Bouvelle,at the 2017 World Championships. Eric has remained in contact and is now regarded as a good friend of the family.

Gordon is married to Ailsa and they have 3 children,Clelland, Blythe & Inver. They are all budding musicians with the boys, Clelland and Inver both playing Accordion and Blythe playing Piano and Accordion. Gordon’s children are now making their own name for themselves within the music scene and Clelland  won the 2017 12 and Under Musette section at the World Champonships held in France with Inver gaining a 3rd place in the under World Championship 10 and under National Trophy section.

They study under the guidance of top musician, Keith Dickson and we hope that they will continue to flourish and enjoy their music.